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Lumank Inc

- Women-Led, Building Tomorrow's Vision.

Installing Air Conditioner
Installing Air Conditioner

Our Services

  • Lumank: Building the Future, Brick by Brick (and with Energy Efficiency in Mind)

  • Lumank Corporation goes beyond traditional construction. We're a one-stop shop for creating comfortable, sustainable spaces. As a licensed general contractor, we handle everything from initial site assessments and architectural planning to the final build, ensuring your project runs smoothly. We're also a licensed HVAC contractor specializing in Mitsubishi brand heat pumps for both residential and commercial projects. These energy-efficient systems reduce your environmental footprint while keeping your space comfortable. Furthermore, we're revolutionizing restaurant kitchens by integrating renewable energy induction stoves that eliminate harmful gas emissions. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond materials – it's woven into every aspect of our services. With a focus on safety, quality, timely delivery, and creating energy-efficient spaces, Lumank is your trusted partner in transforming visions into concrete realities that are kind to the planet.

Why Choose Lumank Inc

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About Us

Lumank Inc

Lumank: Sustainable Spaces, Built to Last
Revolutionizing Construction, One Project at a Time

Lumank isn't your typical general contractor. We're a forward-thinking company dedicated to creating comfortable, sustainable spaces that are kind to the environment and efficient for the future.

Established in 2019, we've grown rapidly in the Redmond, Washington area, leaving our mark with innovative projects and a commitment to exceptional service.

Our Three Core Services:

  • Expert General Contracting: From initial concept to final build, we handle every aspect of your construction project. Our skilled team ensures a smooth and efficient process, exceeding your expectations at every stage.

  • Sustainable HVAC Solutions: As a licensed HVAC contractor specializing in Mitsubishi brand heat pumps, we integrate energy-saving technology into your residential or commercial space. Enjoy lasting comfort while minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Restaurant Kitchen Innovation: We're revolutionizing restaurant kitchens by incorporating renewable energy induction stoves. This cutting-edge technology eliminates harmful gas emissions, creating a cleaner and more sustainable workspace for chefs and staff.

Our Mission: Building a Sustainable Future

At Lumank, sustainability isn't an afterthought, it's at the core of everything we do. We believe in building beautiful, functional spaces that respect and enhance the environment. Our commitment extends beyond materials and construction methods – it's reflected in our use of innovative technologies like induction stoves and energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Partnering with Lumank

When you choose Lumank, you choose a partner who shares your vision for a sustainable future. Our team brings dedication, expertise, and a passion for quality to every project. We focus on safety, timely delivery, and exceeding your expectations.

Let's build something remarkable together. Contact Lumank today.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Our Projects


“Lumank Inc did an excellent job installing Heat Pump to my house. Their team was professional, and they paid attention to every detail. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality workmanship.”

John Doe

“Lumank Inc installed Mitsubishi Heat Pump at my home and I am extremely satisfied with the results. They were knowledgeable and efficient, and the work was completed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to go green.”

Jane Smith

“Lumank Inc transformed my old bathroom into a modern and functional space. Their team was friendly and professional, and they completed the project within the given timeframe. I am very happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality workmanship.”

Tom Wilson

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